Shipping Instructions

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Please read and follow the Shipping Instructions carefully, so that a straightforward transportation can be assured.

From time to time there is a possibility to send goods to CVOO or back to Germany with a container. The containers are either sent directly or in combination with a scientific ship cruise. You will be informed about planned container shippings at the homepage of CVOO or via circular email.

There are 3 documents that you need to send to the Technical Coordinator, when you like to send goods with a container. Please fill them out very carefully; all the information is required to organize the shippings. In case of uncertainties, please ask the Technical Coordinator in time.

  1. Container Space: First of all, it is to check if there is enough space in a container for your goods. Therefore please fill out and send the Container Space Form. After this you will be informed if your goods are able to be transported in that container.
  2. Dangerous Goods: If you intend to send dangerous goods to CVOO, please make sure you can organize the Safety Data Sheets in German, English and Portuguese (pdf) and send them together with the Dangerous Goods List. Also mention the dangerous goods boxes in the Container Space Form. Please note that the handling of dangerous good forms is complicated and takes quite a long time. Furthermore changes may have to be done (e.g. due to unallowable bottle sizes), so please send the forms as early as possible.
  3. Loading List/Proforma Invoice: When you have the permission to send your goods with a container, please send the complete Loading List/Proforma Invoice, filled in German and English (in one form). Regard that you mention your dangerous goods in that list as well; here no chemical details are needed in the item description.If the container will be transported via scientific ship cruise, please also mention the cruise (ship name, cruise no., dates) in the Consignee of the Proforma Invoice.
  4. Customs Declaration: For the material you like to send, you also need to fill out and send together with the other documents the Customs Declaration Form.


Please be aware that a container might not have enough space or that certain dangerous goods are not allowed to be transported together in one container. Please take this into account for your expedition planning and take care of your shipping wishes as early as possible!