First preparatory steps towards construction of the Ocean Science Center Mindelo

After a long phase of finalizing the detailed planning, the call for tenders for construction of the OSCM started on 7 February 2014. A month later, on 7 March, 13 companies interested in this project were invited to visit...[more]


Glider swarm survey at CVOO

Right after New Year’s Day a team of GEOMAR and INDP scientists and technicians have successfully deployed a pair of two oceanographic SLOCUM gliders. The two gliders were prepared on land at INDP and later deployed from RV...[more]

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Hunting Mesoscale Eddies

A new multi-facetted and interdisciplinary research project was recently launched at CVOO. The project investigates biogeochemical and ecological processes within mesoscale water masses, so-called eddies, in the vicinity of...[more]

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DOLAN surface buoy recovery with RV Islândia

An emergency recovery of a DOLAN-type surface buoy was conducted on July 24th by the CVOO team of Cape Verde. Colleagues from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) informed CVOO about a drifting surface buoy...[more]

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Real-Time mooring data

The multidisciplinary long-term mooring at CVOO has been recovered and redeployed successfully in Oct 2012. Within the framework of the MSM-22 expedition (R/V Maria S. Merian, chief scientist: P. Brandt, GEOMAR) a deep CTD...[more]

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CVOO brochure has been released in English

The brochure gives an overview about the scientific background and the projects related to CVOO. It is now available in print - please contact Cordula Zenk if you would like to get a printed copy. The PDF version...[more]

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HydroBios MultiNet installed on RV Islândia

Zooplankton organisms (mostly small millimeter to centimeter-sized animals) play a major role in marine biogeochemical cycles as they feed on even smaller algae and bacteria and themselves represent food for higher trophic levels...[more]

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