CVOO brochure has been released in Portuguese

The brochure gives an overview about the scientific background and the projects related to CVOO. It is now available in print - please contact Cordula Zenk if you would like to get a printed copy. The PDF version...[more]

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Cape Verde in the Focus of Marine Research

Prime Minister of the Republic of Cape Verde receives Deutsche Bank-GEOMAR-Ocean Award 2012[more]

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From the Baltic to the Tropical Atlantic

Pupils from northern Germany perform marine research in Cape Verde 28.12.2011/Kiel, Mindelo. Shortly before Christmas, three pupils from Heikendorf near Kiel, Germany travelled to Cape Verde to study the ecosystem of the...[more]

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SOPRAN field campaign

Export of organic matter from the oceans in the atmosphere - a field campaign at the Cape Verdes in November 2011


Relaunch of the CVOO Website

The new CVOO (former TENATSO) website has been released. The website provides a platform for all groups who are involved in research activities at Cape Verde. Information about ongoing research and scheduled expeditions/cruises...[more]

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New equipment installed on R/V Islândia

After a period of intensive maintenance and refurbishment work on R/V Islândia during the last year first cruises out to station CVOO were conducted successfully. Further new sensor technology was installed on the ship’s CTD...[more]

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Tracking of loggerhead turtles

Mindelo - in the past few weeks, several loggerhead turtles have been marked with GPS-sensors. This experiment will help the scientists from GEOMAR (Kiel) to get a better understanding of this endangered species. In addition,...[more]

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